Robinson Crusoe. Tropical island. Jules Verne. Attack of the killer crabs (aka Coconut Crabs). ‘Lost’. Ancient lighthouse. Fruit bats. Quirky German family dedicated to capturing the underwater life of Chumbe. Baracuda-moonlit-torch dinner on the beach. LED anenomes. Biggest bed I have ever slept on. Eating twice my weight in food. 4th Phd German Chemistry student I have met in the past 3 days…? Sunburn on Day #1. Fail Zanzibarian sunscreen. Smart life decisions. Do I have to leave?

Giving Thanks.

As we left people kept calling out words of thanks. It felt strange and awkward. Why were these people thanking me?’, I asked one of my colleagues. ‘They are thanking you for coming, for your presence, for sharing this time with them.

The Cast of the Walking Dead come to Agok- a little fun with the Mass Casualty Drill

Once the blood was in place, the patients dove fully into their new characters. We had them load up into a line of waiting Land Rovers which would escort them outside the MSF gates in preparation for the beginning of the drill. I assumed they would walk to the waiting vehicles, but that is not what happened. Instead, people began to limp, fall on the ground, dragging themselves, yelling out in pain, asking to be carried, flailing their arms dramatically. It was crazy to say the least.