I traveled to England in the Spring of 2014 to attend the Diploma in Tropical Nursing program through the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Don't tell my nursing professors, but I'm pretty sure I learned more in 5 weeks than I did in all of nursing school. If you're a nurse that is  interested in this field, I cannot recommend this class more. It is money well spent! http://www.lstmed.ac.uk/study/courses/diploma-in-tropical-medicine-hygiene

If you are serious about the course and decide to make the journey to Liverpool let me know as I know some great people in the area who are willing to host students at an affordable rate. 

While the majority of my time was spent in Liverpool, I also had some time to explore a bit of London and was able to head down to the Cottswalds village of Gloucester. You may recognize the cloisters in the Gloucester Cathedral from Harry Potter. 

More Coming Soon!